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You have reached our website. Our firm is Ukrontech, and we serve by exporting goods from Russia.


We launched our business activities in 2005. Ukrontech specializes in exporting from Russia these commodities: graphite, carbon composites and mono-Si. Having over 25 years experience in the field of mass-produced, carbon-based composite materials, Russian LLC "NPO “KRIT” is a manufacturer of the highest quality.


Our articles made of graphite and carbon composite are used as dressing for heating system manifolds and heat insulation (shielding). These are used for electrothermal furnaces with different industrial applications, such as powder metallurgy, chemical industry, aviation, and the jewelry industry.  Graphite and carbon composite are also irreplaceable in hot working and homogenization. The most important application may be the growth of large cylindrical ingots, or boules, of single crystal silicon in the crystal growing ovens working with the Czochralski crystal growth process (CZ method).


Additional graphite items and composite carbon products can also be custom manufactured following the buyer's blueprints.


The mono-Si is grown in the LLC "NPO “KRIT” growing ovens using the CZ method to suit each customers' individual needs. We use high quality raw materials imported from Germany, or, according to customer demand, "customer-supplied raw materials for conversion" can go into production to get precise Si matching for any customized parameters. Crystals of mono Si can be used in the electrical, optics and laser industries, as well as in the solar power sector.


A complementary line of our business activities is the export of technical and carbon fabrics into diverse markets and applications. The following materials are related to this group of technical fibers: duck canvas, yacht canvas, parachute fabric, along with an assortment of special fabrics impregnated with different additives, filter fabrics and other fabrics with technical applications.


Carbon fiber fabrics are manufactured using viscose technical filament yarn (Carbon Fabric "Ural") whereas carbon fibrous materials, such as carbon felt, are manufactured using rayon fibers.


We will be glad to conduct the necessary research and find whatever merchandise you might be interested in. Once the data is collected we will present the information regarding pricing and shipping costs.


We, LLC "Ukrontech", with export as our primary activity, are very experienced in the field of exporting carbon made materials and composites. We can handle  professional delivery of your merchandise anywhere in the world. Any means of transportation can be employed to serve our   customer’s needs: land transport (railroad  freight or cars/trucks), and air transport. We have successfully shipped to Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Malta, Hong Kong, and Ukraine.


Please do not hesitate to send us an email with inquiry. We thoroughly calculate the costs of manufacturing graphite components and features, carbon composites and single silicon crystal growing for you. Your orders will go directly to the manufacturer and in two days you will receive information regarding timeline, costs and options for delivery.


(Note: Manufacturer LLC "NPO “KRIT”  does not export outside of Russia. Hence, the LLC "Ukrontech" holds all licenses for international trading, including export.)


Upon request, we will be happy to send samples so you can evaluate the quality of the end products.


"INCARBO" registered Trademark LLC "NPO “KRIT”


We are looking forward to hearing from you,


Respectfully yours,


Sergey Malinov,


CEO LLC "Ukrontech".